The best way to eat a steak in Houston, TX

houston steakhouse

Texans are known for their distinct taste in meat. Everything you’ll try during your visit there has that attitude that no other cuisine can offer. This is especially emphasized when it comes to the steak, the pride, and glory of every restaurant, steakhouse, and grill in Texas.

Did you know that Texans eat only medium-rare steak?

From choosing the right temperature to adding potatoes on the side, your choice will impact the way your steak will be cooked. If you’re ready to taste the steak in all the excellent flavors, there are some things you need to know first.houston steakhouse

#There are different ways to prepare a steak

Let’s be clear on this – there is only ONE way to cook a steak: medium-rare. Of course, your choice is the matter of the taste but the fact is no other way of preparing the steak will give you the flavor you want. That’s because if cooked at a low temperature and left to be rare, the fat from the steak will remain as it is. The steak may seem tasty, but it’s not.

The better way to eat a steak is to cook it on medium heat. That’s the temperature that will help to release the fat from the meat, which will give the distinct flavor to the flesh. However, if you want to experience the taste of the well-cooked steak, you should let it grill one more minute until it becomes medium-rare.

#The steak should be cooked until?

What happens when you let the steak to cook for more than a three minutes? The fat from the meat evaporates, leaving the meat dry. Dry meat, then, can quickly become hard to chew or cut, which will leave you with frustration. That is the reason why you should ask for a medium or medium-rare steak. Remember: it’s all about the flavor. The more fat turns into the pools on the top of the meat, the more taste you’ll get.

#Should you have anything else on the plate but the steak?

Texans would say – no. The steak is the steak. It’s a meal in itself. You don’t need salads, roast potatoes, or other culinary side-on to “improve” the taste of the meat. If you choose medium-rare steak – and you have no choice, really because it’s the way steak should be cooked – you should enjoy the taste of the steak. That first bite will set the taste for the rest of the meal – and you’ll soon forget whether you needed a side dish or not.