Different types of freezers

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If you’re looking out for freezer rentals, you also need to know that depending upon their structure, function and the kind of stuff stored inside these freezers; they are categorised into different types. So according to the things you intend to store inside the freezer, you need to pick one that will fit your needs accordingly. Here we are, with the types of freezers you should know before investing into one:

Chest Freezers

Chest Freezers

The most budget-friendly amongst the freezer family, the chest Freezer is compact and pretty great for convenient foodstuffs. The Chest freezers have a lid that opens upwards, which is why they occupy more space vertically. When it comes to storage, they’re pretty great with a lot of room. And yes, they do come in different sizes, which leaves you free to choose one according to your needs. One of the drawbacks of Chest freezers is that they don’t come with an inbuilt fan, which leads to fluctuations in the external temperature – having said that, this temperature fluctuation doesn’t harm the food stored in the chest freezer at all.

Drawer freezers

Typically found in classic hotel kitchens or chef’s kitchens, the drawer freezers are just perfect for the busy life of a chef. Chefs don’t really have time to look out for the ingredients they require to cook – which is why the drawer fridge is best for them. Its structure makes it suitable for quick use, while its other features ensure that the stuff stored in it is stored well and good and is easily accessible too. Most drawer freezers have been crafted well enough to ensure they blend in the kitchen effortlessly.

Upright freezers

Upright freezers

With a refrigerator like design, the Upright freezer wins its brownie points over the chest freezers. These freezers don’t require you to dig out stuff you require from a huge pile. Instead, it’s horizontally opening door makes it pretty easy to use and accessible as well. Just avoid browsing for stuff with the door open – it will end up consuming more energy. It’s best to space out the stuff in the freezer and arrange it efficiently so that you can find what you want quickly.

Portable freezers

Why not carry out the chilled stuff with you even when you’re outside – especially when you have a portable freezer? Meant for outdoor uses, Portable freezers are just perfect for storing beers, ice creams and even meat when you’re out there camping. Again, these come in a variety of sizes, which makes it easy to choose from. Also, they come with either an AC or DC motor – so choose what suits your needs best.