Is it possible to order a steak in a wrong manner? Yes, it is!

Have you been out recently? Have you noticed the way some guests are behaving in the steak bar? Probably you didn’t. But, if you ask one of our chefs the same question, they might tell you the shocking things about the way some guests are ordering their steak.

#Going straight to the steak

Many guests are coming to our steak house just to try a steak and – go. Sometimes it’s frustrating because we feel like we didn’t meet their expectations. It’s understandable that you’re impatient – a good steak needs the time to be cooked – but that’s a wrong way of ordering your steak.

Why don’t you try to order an appetizer first? It will help you relax, get into the mood, and prepare your palate for the royal feast that’s coming.

#Taking too many appetizers

steakhouse houstonThere’s always a ying to a yang: if you order an appetizer, you’ll probably order another one… And another one… And why not another one… By the time the steak arrives, you are already stuffed!

If you’re ordering an appetizer, keep in mind that it serves to keep you busy while you’re waiting for your steak.

#Not even taste it before they season it

This one is something we encounter too many times: a guest comes in, orders a steak, and season it – without even taking a bite first! Any chef would tell you that it’s like you committed a crime. It’s okay to use additional salt and pepper to season the steak but at least try it first. After all, too much salt can cause a high blood pressure or related medical issues.

We ensure you that our steaks are prepared with care: not too much salt or pepper. We spent a lot of time learning the right way of seasoning the steak, to make sure we get the full flavor to your mouth.

#Not ensuring the steak is cooked right

If you’ve ever been to the steak house before, you probably know that steaks are cooked at different temperatures – from very rare (when the steak is blue) to overdone (with the dark crisp on the top). There’s an old Latin proverb meaning the taste is not to be discussed, but if you want to get the flavor you want, you better ensure the steak is cooked right.steakhouse houston

Most of the guests never slice the steak to check how it’s cooked. Make sure you do that first – and you’ll have enough time to enjoy the meal later.

#Order the steak YOU want

Every professional steakhouse should offer you the choice of getting the piece of meat you want. Don’t miss the opportunity to choose – there’s a lot of reasons for doing that. Firstly, you’ll get the chance to talk to the chef, who can give you advice on whether you should pick that piece of meat or not. Secondly, you’ll know what kind of meat you choose, so the chances you’ll get something you didn’t want are minimal.