Cooking with Water – Simple Foods to Make with Only Water

That shocking expression on your face after reading this title is a sign that you are interested in finding some information about foods that can be prepared with water only. The reason why it appears shocking is that many people believe that cooking food merely with water is impossible. It’s just because they have never given a try to such food or they have never tried to expand their vision about foods that can be prepared with only water.

In fact, there are some foods that we cook in our everyday routine but we do not notice them. After reading this statement, you’d definitely start thinking about foods that you cook with mere water. If you are still unable to figure out some foods, don’t worry because we are going to explain it to you. We’ll show you a number of foods that can be prepared with water only.

But before talking about those foods, we would like to suggest that you must use a water filter to purify the water so that you do not compromise on your hygiene. If you need some help in Choosing The Best Water Filter Pitcher, you can simply contact us. We’ll provide you enough information about things you need to know before purchasing a water filter pitcher.

Such kind of foods usually appear to be helpful when we are traveling among the mountains or in the spots where we cannot find any food items around. So, here are some foods that can be prepared with only water.


The noodles are the greatest invention in the food industry. It takes only a few minutes to prepare a bowl of noodles. And the best part is that you don’t need to add anything to the noodles. Simply, boil the water and then add the noodles to it. And then wait for a few minutes and the noodles will be prepared. There is no doubt that you can add some vegetables to the noodles while you are at home but it can also be prepared with the water only.

Boiled eggs

The boiled eggs are also very delicious and they can help in fulfilling your day-to-day food consumption needs. Boiling an egg is quite simple and even a child can do it without any expert knowledge. However, the boiling status may differ according to your preferences. Some people like to eat half boiled egg and some like to eat full boiled eggs. So, you can boil the egg for a specific time based on your own preferences.


The oats can also be prepared with food and they provide you a great amount of protein. Usually, people cook the oats with milk but there is no harm if you want to cook it with water. It can be a great breakfast if you don’t have any food items available.