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Different types of industrial knives

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A knife is one of the common instruments that are used in both house and industries. The biggest difference between the domestic knives and the industrial knives is that the knives used for domestic purposes have limited power, and it can cut only certain things. But that is not the case when it comes to industrial knives. They are more powerful and have the capability to slice a lot of things. Both are designed in such a way to meet specific needs. In this article, we will see the different kinds of industrial knives.

industrial knives

Cross cutter knives

This is one of the most types of industrial knives. In cross cutter knives one edge is totally plain while the other edge has teeth shaped edges so that the cutting process is made easier. The biggest advantage of using this knife is that you do not have to apply too much pressure because the tooth-shaped edge will cut most of the things with very less effort. Even though these cross cutter knives have a lot of advantage to it, it needs to be handled properly. Even the smallest carelessness can result in a lot of bad things.

Circular saw blades

The circular saw blades are also one of the most common knives used in various industries. These types of blades can be used to cut large trees within a few minutes. These blades can be used separately. They are attached to a machine that rotates these blades with high RPM. These blades are very sharp, and hence, they are very powerful. If these blades are not handled properly, they can lead to fatal accidents. There are two types of circular saw blades. They are plain edged blades and toothed blades.

Plain edged circular saw blades

Plain edged circular saw blades is a kind of circular blade that is mostly used in making furniture and cutting some metal sheets. As mentioned earlier, they rotate at high RMS, and they give a precise cut. They come in different categories. While buying these blades, make sure that the blade is suitable for cutting that particular kind of material.

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Toothed circular saw blades

The toothed circular saw blades are the ones that are generally used for cutting huge trees. It is an absolute boon for the people who are into tree cutting because it has the work very simple and it has definitely accelerated the process. They come in different sizes. These blades are used in small machinery and at the same time there are some heavy types of machinery that use these types of circular saw blades. The toothed edges of the blade make it the perfect choice for cutting some of the hardest things.  Being lethargic with these blades is something that you cannot afford to do. You really need to very careful, or you might have to face some high-level consequences.