About Us

Live Oak Bar & Grill is a cornerstone in the Houston community. It has been recognized for its outstanding Steak cuisine, excellent service, and friendly staff.

Our Steak restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high-quality fresh ingredients. Our core belief is that every meal should be prepared with the same amount of enthusiasm and knowledge. Therefore, we’re always working on improving our service not just to please our guests, but also to make their dining experience valuable.

People often ask us what’s the secret to our success as a top Steak restaurant in Houston, TX. The answer is – there’s no secret. Everything we do is out of passion and knowledge. No formula can help us get and keep our loyal guests because the minute we would break our word, we would lose everything we built. You could say that we’re among the rare restaurants that come with the “old-fashioned” business policy. In our world, the word is a bond – and we tend to deliver on our promises.

Live Oak Bar & Grill offers delicious dining, takeout, and delivery to Houston, TX. Feel free to contact us and book your table.

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